First Approved by the membership on March 2, 2016.

Updates Approved by Membership on March 3, 2020. Download UACEP Bylaws

  1. Name:
    1. The name of this organization shall be the Utah Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (hereinafter referred to as “UACEP”).
  2. Purpose:
    1. The purpose of UACEP is to bring Utah concurrent enrollment (CE) stakeholders together to foster best practices, solve common problems, and improve the student experience. UACEP shall provide a forum for higher education and public education institutions to share best practices, provide training and disseminate information regarding concurrent enrollment.
    2. UACEP is an affiliate organization of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).
  3. Membership:
    1. Members shall consist of Utah institutions of higher education and public education.
    2. Classes of Membership:
      1. Regular Member: A Utah institution of higher education or public education that has voting rights and whose members may serve as an officer of the organization.
      2. Associate Member: Other interested individuals, organizations, or state representatives. Associate members do not have voting rights and may not serve as an officer of the organization.
    3. Privileges of Membership
      1. Access to the UACEP Listserv which includes meeting notifications and online collaboration.
      2. Eligibility to serve on UACEP Committees.
      3. Eligibility to hold a position on the UACEP Leadership Committee.
      4. Eligibility to attend UACEP Member Meetings and propose motions
  4. Dues and Other Assessments:
    1. UACEP reserves the right to collect membership dues in order to cover the cost of organizing and conducting meetings for the membership.
    2. The amount of the annual member dues shall be determined by a majority vote of the members of the organization.
    3. Special assessments may be charged to members for attendance at UACEP conferences to cover additional cost beyond what can be covered through annual membership dues. Special assessments charged to attend a UACEP conference shall be made known at the time members sign up to attend such events.
    4. UACEP shall not be responsible to cover the cost of travel (mileage and meals) to attend UACEP events.
  1. Elected Officers and Duties:
    1. Officers:
      1. The officers of UACEP shall be Higher Education Chairman, Public Education Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
      2. Secretary and Treasure are appointed offices.
      3. The officers shall be members of institutions that are active regular members of UACEP.
    2. Higher Education and Public Education Chairs:
      1. The Higher Education and Public Education Chairs are elected by a majority vote of the members of their sister institutions (i.e. members of higher education nominate a higher education chair and members of public education nominate a public education chair).
      2. The Higher Education and Public Education Chairs shall serve two-year terms which may be repeated.
      3. The Higher Education and Public Education Chair positions are designed to be offset such that one position is filled each year.
      4. The Chairs shall:
        1. Coordinate administrative activities of UACEP.
        2. Organize and convene regularly scheduled meetings and conferences.
        3. Represent UACEP and conduct the business of UACEP in accordance with these by-laws.
        4. Charge and make appointments to committees as needed.
    3. Secretary and Treasurer:
      1. The secretary and treasurer shall: 
        1. Be nominated jointly by the Higher Education and Public Education Chairs and confirmed by the regular members present at a regular meeting or conference of UACEP. Regular members who are interested in serving as Secretary or Treasurer shall discuss their intentions with the Higher Education and Public Education Chairs.
        2. Serve a one-year term which is repeatable.
      2. The secretary shall:
        1. Record and prepare the proceedings of any gathering of UACEP as needed and distribute materials to the members as needed following the meeting. Normally communications to members shall be done through email.
        2. Prepare official correspondence as required by UACEP.
        3. Be responsible for the membership roster.
        4. Submit annual reports to NACEP as required.
        5. Keep an updated copy of these by-laws as amended which can be made available to all members.
      3. The treasurer shall:
        1. Report annually on the membership roll and financial status of UACEP.
        2. Access and assist in the management of the organization’s funds in accordance with the policies of the fiscal agent.
        3. Submit financial reports to NACEP as required.
        4. Send an email notice to members reminding them of the need to pay dues.
  1. UACEP Committees & Duties: 
    1. Leadership Committee Structure & Duties
      1. There shall be a standing committee of UACEP called the Leadership Committee which shall meet as needed to plan upcoming meetings, conferences and events for the Organization. The leadership committee consists of Higher Ed. and Public Ed. Chairs, appointed committee chairs, and invited members.
      2. The Leadership Committee shall adopt an annual budget and authorize expenditures in accordance with section 4.1.
      3. Committee chairs shall be appointed by Higher Ed. and Public Ed. Chairs.
      4. Members of committees shall be appointed by the committee chair or may volunteer.
    2. Events Committee Duties
      1. Planning events including general member meetings and conferences.
      2. Promote membership engagement and partner collaboration.
    3. Special Projects Committee Duties
      1. Identify and organize special projects based on current, relevant issues that arise during UACEP meetings and ListServ discussions.
      2. Present project ideas to UACEP Leadership and general membership for voting and approval.
      3. Report committee outcomes to UACEP Leadership Committee and then at general membership meetings.
      4. Make best practice recommendations based on project findings.
    4. Communications Committee Duties
      1. Oversight of UACEP Listserv.
      2. Oversite of UACEP Website.
      3. Oversee other UACEP communications as needed.
      4. Engage members on the listserv and website by posting relevant information.
    5. Ad Hoc Committees
      1. Organized as needed.
  1. Meetings of UACEP:
    1. UACEP shall meet a minimum of three times annually.
    2. UACEP shall meet at a time and place designated by the Officers in conjunction with the Leadership Committee.
    3. The majority of regular members present and voting at a regularly scheduled meeting or conference shall be sufficient to carry any matter before UACEP.
  2. Amendments:
    1. Proposed amendments to these by-laws shall be presented by email to the Officers at least 60 days prior to a scheduled meeting or conference of UACEP.
    2. The secretary shall send an email notification to all members of proposed amendments within five days of such proposed amendment being received by the Officers.
    3. Proposed amendments shall be approved at any regular meeting or conference or online by a 2/3 vote of the regular members present, provided members have been notified a minimum of 30 days prior to the vote.
    4. Tabulations of the votes shall be made by the secretary and reported at the end of the 30 days.
  3. Certification
      1. These bylaws were approved by a 2/3 majority vote of regular members who participated in a regularly scheduled meeting of UACEP held on March 2, 2016. The proposed By-Laws shall have been distributed to the members via email at least 30 days prior to the meeting or conference at which they are to be considered for certification. Changes or amendments to the proposed by-laws may be made by motion during the certification meeting or conference before the vote shall be taken.